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Car innovations improving safety, fuel consumption, environment and comfort.

Facts of Car Innovations

updated :18 May 2008
abs brakes ABS brakes Anti lock Braking System, the working and the advantage.
updated :30 January 2007
air conditioning
airco: Does air-conditioning or air-cooling offer something new to the car today.
updated :15 April 2007
alternative fuel
alternative fuel,
Is there a future for the alternative fuel?
updated :22 March 2007
fuel cell
fuel cell
2H2+O2 =2H2O + Electricity
updated :18 May 2008
the car in the future
the car in the future automated driving on the main road ?
updated :08 November 2007
airbags Are airbags safe?
updated :10 December 2007
gps Global Positioning System, the new way for finding "the right turn of".
updated :18 April 2007
choise of tires
tires What is your best choice of tires?
updated :31 January 2007
xenon headlights
xenon headlights, The new blue xenon headlights on the road.
updated :26 February 2008

night vision
night vision Will the car of the future have a better vision, on the dark or foggy road, than his master?
updated :23 March 2007
powertrain The microcontroller does the job of the choke and a lot more
updated :23 March 2007
new models at carmakers
young inventions Your bright idee
updated :08 July 2005
submit your suggestion
submit your suggestion You know an important article that we do not link. We would love to hear from you.
mail problems
the fastest car In 1999 a question on our wwwboard started the search to the speed record
updated :14 July 2007
car engine valves dohc (4 valves vs. 2 valves)
4 valves vs. 2 valves
rotary valves development
sleeve valves
Vin Number
Vin Number
updated :07 May 2007
adaptive cruise control adaptive cruise control
updated :26 April 2007
Vehicle Identification Number
dynamic suspension
updated :18 April 2007
super charger Super Charger
updated :08 February 2007
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updated :13 March 2007